TuneGopher is a Music Production Service with a Team of Musicians, a Studio, Engineers, and a Producer – all working to help you make your music the best it can be.


How do you get your music professionally produced?
It’s a ton of work for a solo artist to get his/her music professionally recorded. You have to:
find, audition, and rehearse a group of professional studio musicians
search for a quality studio to record in (and travel if there’s not one in your area)
hire an experienced mixing engineer to ensure a market-ready product
coordinate everyone’s schedule.
On top of all the work, there’s no guarantee of quality and it can get very expensive.


Get Signed
In the past, songwriters hoped to get signed to a record label to do this all for them. The modern independent artist, though, is leery of signing everything away and would rather maintain creative control, keep the profit, and be beholden to no one for their success.


Music Production Project Management
TuneGopher is your one-stop music production solution providing everything you need start-to-finish for professionally produced music.  All of this is available remotely so you can do everything from your bedroom or home studio!
It starts with your personal Producer/Project Manager. Your PM will work with you from the first correspondence to the delivery of the final master to ensure that the idea in your head ends up as something you are proud of.  Your PM will help you decide on an approach to your song, advise you on recording your parts, and then, with our team of versatile musicians and audio engineers, turn your song into a market-ready end result.
All of this for a upfront, set price and the work is guaranteed!

We’ve had the great pleasure of working with artists from around the world with a variety of needs.

Our clients are…

  • International Recording Artists
  • Unsigned/Indie Recording Artists
  • Singer-Songwriters
  • Songwriters that don’t sing
  • Singers that don’t write songs
  • Bands
  • Record labels
  • Filmmakers
  • Podcasters
  • Non-music related companies/brands
  • Advertisers
  • Educators
  • Non-profits
  • Hobbyists
  • Anyone who needs top-notch music production

A Few Words From Our Clients

When they say ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ it’s true. They will work non-stop until you are completely pleased and you start feeling like a diva…

Annick Gagne, Montreal, QC
They will be (and let YOU be) as involved in the process as you want. Your call. With TuneGopher, you’re part of the team.
Annick Gagne, Montreal, QC
The TuneGopher team is a joy to work with. Their attention to detail, musicianship, and quality of results are top-notch…
Jon Mercer, Miami, FL
I was surprised at how good communication was. They really listen to your suggestions and production notes and keep you in the loop…
Jon Mercer, Miami, FL
I’ve worked with many studios over the years but never has a production gone this smoothly. Seriously.
Jon Mercer, Miami, FL
Your team has gone all out to go the extra mile. Any “claim to fame” will be due to your amazing talents, and the labor of love you have poured into this CD…
Ellen Lyon, Burlington, VT
It is better than I ever imagined it to be!
Ellen Lyon, Burlington, VT
I loved working with [TuneGopher producer] Jonah. He is great in getting back and I always felt I was getting his undivided attention…
Shobhit Bagga, Toronto, ONT
…what they did to my music was absolutely fantastic!
Shobhit Bagga, Toronto, ONT

Our Process

Each song we work on is different – just as each artist who writes the song is unique.  We approach each song on its own with the goal of making it the very best it can be.  There is, however, a general flow to our work.

This is how you can expect start-to-finish production to go on a typical song:


Submit a rough demo of your song.  We’ll listen to it and then talk with you about how to approach production.


We’ll make a few short sketches of different possible approaches to your song.


When we’ve agreed on how to approach the song, we’ll record the core instruments for the entire song.


We’ll send you a rough mix of the core tracks for you to record your vocals and/or any other part you’re contributing.

5. MIX

We’ll add anything else, edit, and professionally mix your song.  We will continue to tweak until we’ve got it exactly where you want it.

more details…

Pricing & Guarantee

With TuneGopher, you will always know how much it will cost BEFORE you agree to start.  We will do whatever it takes to make your song it’s best AND work at it until you’re satisfied with no extra costs.

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