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When Jonah Brockman assembled our team in 2009, it was largely in rebellion against the way things had been done for decades.  We were tired of a lopsided music industry that expected the artist to invest everything they had (while giving up all control) but offered no realistic likelihood of even nominal success.

Fortunately, the music industry was in the midst of a dramatic shift and it was changing everything – how we record music, how we market our music, how people listen to music, and how we make money from our art.

8 years later, we’re excited to be part of the new way things are done.  A global and digital age means that the ARTIST is in control. We have more freedom, more power over our destiny, and a larger potential audience than ever before in history.

With that unprecedented amount of control, though, comes an unprecedented amount of responsibility.  Solo artists can no longer look to someone else to put together a team around them, foot the bill, or market their art.  We have to find our own way.  It’s all in our hands – for better or worse.

Without help, recording just one song professionally can be a daunting task.  You need to find competent musicians, a good studio to record in, a pro mixing engineer, coordinate everyone’s schedule and, in the end, hope that it all comes together.


Our goal at TuneGopher – from the start – has been to take part of that burden away. We provide everything you need in one spot to make your music the best it can be and ready to market. You provide your song. We provide world-class production with seasoned musicians, engineers, and producers all working with you to make something great.

At TuneGopher, each person working on your song has been in your shoes.  Several of us  have been independent recording artists, a few have been signed, all of us have written and recorded our own songs.  We know how important it is to end up with what you started out with in your head.  As songwriters, we respect that it’s YOUR song and that you have the final say in everything we do.

In the end, our story is your story.  We’re here ONLY to make you sound your best. We’ve been so fortunate to have worked with artists from around the world, in many walks of life, and in many genres – each with a unique perspective on life and on music.

Let Us Be A Part Of Your Story!

Everything you need in one spot.

For each song, we put together a team just for you to help shape what’s in your head into a world-class finished product.

Let’s Talk


To skillfully play your music.

Pro Session Players

Drums, Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Keys, Male & Female Vocalists, Strings, Horns, Specialty Instruments – whatever you need!


To record, mix, and master your music.

World-class Sound.

Our engineers will ensure your music sounds great using top-of-the-line gear, the latest technology, years of pro experience, and a musical sensibility.

A Producer

To Guide The Process

Your Right-Hand Man

Your producer will be your contact at TuneGopher and his job will be to make sure things run smoothly, to guide the process, to help you make decisions, and ensure that your song is the best it can be.

TuneGopher producer Jonah Brockman discusses making Ali Ashraf’s “Paheli”album.

In conversation with Jonah Brockman

Jonah Brockman, music producer of Paheli The Album shares his experience of working on the album! Download AliAshrafMusic App and check out the album now! #echorecords #pahelithealbum #aliashrafmusic

Posted by Echo Records on Friday, December 25, 2015
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