Project Description

We had an awesome time working with Annick Gagne on her album Overthinking. A great songwriter – artistic, unique, and easy to listen to – Annick just needed us to fill in the gaps. She provided demos of her songs (with lyrics, melodies and chord structures) and we worked with her closely to create something we were all proud of and honored to be a part of.

Listen To Before & After Examples of Annick’s Album

Annick said:

Do. Not. Hesitate. TuneGopher takes care of you. You don’t know me, but you should trust me. Choosing them to take care of your songs is the best choice you could make and no, they are not paying me to say it. You will be working WITH them, every step of the way. It will be a collaboration – and I am not just saying that. You will feel like you are with them, in studio, and not working miles away from each other in front of a computer screen because you will know exactly what they are doing, when they are doing it, since they send up daily updates. (Unless a pipe bursts in the studio….)

I started out wanting to do about 3 songs – but working on this project with them was such an incredible experience that I ended up with 8 wonderful songs. You’re not just buying a song arrangement, you’re treating yourself to such a treat, feeling like a star. You know, when they say satisfaction guaranteed, it’s true. They will work non-stop until you are completely pleased and you start feeling like a diva. They will be – and let YOU be – as involved in the process as you want. Your call. With TuneGopher, you’re part of the team. It will be a wonderful journey.

I, for one, am very sad this journey is over. I worked for 4 months with them and all I can say is I wish I could work with them every freakin’ day!

Thanks guys,

I’ll miss you!!

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Before & After Examples

Annick Gagne – a wonderful singer/songwriter from Montreal, QC – was a real joy to work with on her album Overthinking.  And now she is kindly  letting us share with you both her original demo and the completed production of each song on her album.

All the backing tracks were recorded at our studio based on Annick’s demos and the discussions we had with her about each song.  We sent her the rough mixes, she added the vocal tracks and piano at her studio in Montreal, and we mixed it all together here.  Though if felt as if we were working side-by-side in the studio, we actually were never in the same room.

Each example starts with Annick’s demo and then fades into our completed production.