How Our All-Inclusive Music Production Package Works

STEP 1: Submit Your Song

Most clients send a rough recording of themselves singing with a guitar or piano. We’re not looking for perfection or an amazing performance – just a melody and some basic chords to get started.  We also usually have you fill out a quick questionnaire to get us started on the right track.

Pre-Production Meeting

We’ll listen to your song and talk with you about it via e-mail, phone, or in person if you’re working with us locally. We usually talk about your influences, desired production style and choice of instruments.  You can be as involved (or un-involved) as you like at each step.  If you’re ready to proceed, we’ll ask for a 50% deposit. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and money orders.

STEP 2: Sketch

After we talk with you, we’ll work on a few sketches of possible approaches to your song – usually a verse and a chorus.  You’ll listen to the sketches and we can talk about which one you like best and/or what you like or dislike about each sketch.

STEP 3: Tracking

When we have a clear direction of how to proceed, we’ll record each of the instruments.  We’ll provide  you with a rough mix of this session and make changes as necessary.


STEP 4: Your Part

When we get the backing tracks where you want them, we’ll have you record your vocals (and/or any other part you’d like to contribute). Many of our clients record their vocals either at home or a studio close to them.

If you’ve recorded at home before, this should be no problem. If you’ve already sent us a demo, you probably have everything you need to record your vocals. If not, no worries- we’ll walk you through it. There are lots of options and it’s easier than you think. See our Resources page for more info.

STEP 5: The Mix

Our professional mixing engineer will mix everything together for a dynamic and exciting sound. We’ll send you the mix and make as many changes as you want until you’re happy. No limits – no extra charges – and you don’t pay the balance until you’re happy.

STEP 6: We’re Done!

When you’ve approved the final mix and paid the balance, we’ll send you a CD-quality stereo file of your song.  If this is a single, we will also master the song.  If it’s part of an album, we can master it later with the album. Individual raw tracks and/or stems are also available as needed.